The Seven Shrinking Sins

Balloon Couture

‚The Seven Deadly Sins‘ in the context of our modern time –
are they about as enduring as the transient balloons or do the sins of the past have more significance in modern times than we might think…

COncept & Production Management: Elena Tzara
Balloon Artists: Alexander Zissou & Sina Greinert
Set Design: Saskia Gottstein
Exhibitions-deco: Luise Zender
Make-up Artist: Miriam Kohler
Graphic Make-up Concept: Nadine Faulhaber
Making-of (Video): Martin Langhof

Actors: Michael Ippen (as Pride-Hochmut) // Laura Lo Zito (as Lust-wollust) // Anni Krausz (as Greed-Habsucht) // David Klar (as Wrath-Zorn) // Carmen Krüger (as Gluttony-VÖllerei) // Fabio Pinto (as Sloth-TrÄgheit) // Nicole Lieder (as Envy-Neid)

Music: “You Gotta Sing” by Frivolous, Midnight Black Indulgence