Disney`s Morbidity


„Studio Hamburg“-project: my work was showcased at HAW Hamburg in collaboration with several different departments.
The five most renowned Fairytales of the Brothers Grimm together in close quarters:
Bedtime story or Disney’s madness?
Psychological evaluation or stereotyping?
Happy end or nightmare?
What do you see…

Concept & Production Management: Elena Tzara
Photography: Sebastian Nevermann & Susanne Kreuschmer
Metal Work: Sebastian Jost
Make-up Artist: Nina Wagner

Actors: Nina Wagner (as Cinderella-Aschenputtel) // Judith Foerster (as Little Red Riding Hood-Rotkäppchen) // Muriel Bielenberg (as Rapunzel) // Kaysa Aust (as Sleeping Beauty-Dornröschen) // Malin Lo Zito (as Snow White-Schneewittchen) // Gernot Fligge (as the Mad Professor)