The Pitch + The Mask of Desire


A collection of storyboards I’ve created:

1. The Pitch: an advertising clip for an online collaborative-platform.

2. The Mask of Desire: In this storyboard of a roughly 10 minute long Arthouse film you follow an old man as he slips into a dream-sequence, where he lives out his inner most feelings and desires.
As the observer we witness the events through the eyes of the old man. This perspective is made apparent through a number of reflections throughout the clip, illustrating the variability of his feelings and desires.
Moreover the different levels of the subconscious, which are symbolically shown by the repeated entering into buildings and into a suitcase, play a significant role. This is further shown through continuous and subtle changes in costume details.
First and foremost however, many parallels are drawn to birds and their courtship behaviour, in a party-sequence and through this “The Mask of Desire” is unmasked in a cheerful manner. The difference between what and how we present ourselves to the outside world, and how we truly feel inside, or rather the general masking act of “presenting ones self” in a particular way, is explored in various ways.

Concept Design & Storyboard & Illustrations: Elena Tzara