Elena Tzara

Concept Design

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Historical Pattern Making

To work according to historical guidelines requires special knowledge and a lot of patience. One tries to work as true to detail and historically correct as possible, e.g. sewing buttonholes by hand or embellishing a corset with embroidery. The historic cuts, techniques and materials are established and combined with ones’ designs.

The Puppet:
Concept & Corset Design: Elena Tzara
Photography: Jessica Prautzsch
Make-up Artist: Nina Wagner

Model: Angela Fethke

Disney’s Mobidity:
Concept & Corset Design: Elena Tzara
Photography: Sebastian Nevermann & Susanne Kreuschmer
Make-up Artist: Nina Wagner

Actors: Malin Lo Zito (as Snow White-Schneewittchen) // Nina Wagner (as Cinderella-Aschenputtel)