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Concept Design

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Anni’s troubled past with regards to her mum catches up with her, also her relationship with Lars isn’t going so well right now. So, the two decide to go on a relaxing trip to leave the worries and stress behind them. But then they meet Kaidi, who completely throws them off track and events take a new twist… (video is coming soon!)

Director: Nina Becker
Assistant Director: Nikolas Kuhl & Paul Thalacker
Costume Design: Elena Tzara
Costume Assistant: Luise Zender
Camera: Philip Matousek
Camera Assistant: Paul Spengemann
Production Manager: Hannah Cencig & Ulrich Bernstorf & Anna Pilatz & David Koch
Sound: Alison Thomas
Sounddesign: Stefan Troschka
Makeup: Marie Lauerbach
Light: Marko Liepelt & Philip Matousek
Continuity: Luise Zender
setrunner: Ahmed Messaoudi

Actors: Simone Jaeger (as Anni) // Bastian Sierich (as Lars) // Henny Reents (as Kaidi) // Sebastian Wybranietz (As Barkeeper) //